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Learning Curves, Psychological Consultancy offers appointments in the Taree CBD.  Our service model is that of a personalised small practice which seeks to collaborate and enter into consortium arrangements with other allied health and support workers.

You can be assured that Learning Curves will always offer highly skilled, registered psychologists and allied health practitioners who are accredited to work in their endorsed and skilled areas.

Our vision is to help bring your dreams alive and our focus is Learn Well Live Well.

Your psychologist will work with you to help set and achieve agreed upon goals. You can expect friendly dealings from caring professionals who will be both respectful and offer a safe environment where confidentiality of information is protected.

APS Psychologists work to a code of ethics and practice and from the outset are keen to empower clients. Charter of Client Rights


  • New Resilience Coaching

    Our Principal Psychologist is now a certified practitioner and resilience coach, making available to our individual and EAP clients a unique battery of resilience assessment (PR6) and training program (Driven) tools.  Using the latest neurobiology into resilience building and over 200 powerful micro...

  • Rob Curtis, our Principal Psychologist

    Rob Curtis, our Principal Psychologist completed the clinical neuropsychotherapy practitioner certification training with Prof Pieter Rossouw in 2017 and is now a member of the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychtherapy (IACN), further expanding treatment experiences....

  • Sleep healthy be healthy

    We are now part of the SHUTi™ Clinical Partners Program for treating insomnia. This research based CBT-i program has been shown to impressively improve sleep quality.  After using SHUTi  73% of users experienced no insomnia....

Taking action to find help is a big decision

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For Urgent Care conditions:

Please contact 24 hr / 7 day services such as Mental Health Line 1800 011 511; Lifeline 13 11 14; or attend Taree Base Hospital Emergency 6592 9200