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21 Jun New Resilience Coaching

Our Principal Psychologist is now a certified practitioner and resilience coach with ResiCoach.com, making available to our individual and EAP clients a unique battery of resilience assessment (PR6) and training program (Driven) tools.  Using the latest neurobiology into resilience building and over 200 powerful microtasks...

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18 Jan Rob Curtis, our Principal Psychologist

Rob Curtis, our Principal Psychologist completed the clinical neuropsychotherapy practitioner certification training with Prof Pieter Rossouw in 2017 and is now a member of the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychtherapy (IACN), further expanding treatment experiences....

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15 Jan Sleep healthy be healthy

We are now part of the SHUTi™ Clinical Partners Program for treating insomnia. This research based CBT-i program has been shown to impressively improve sleep quality.  After using SHUTi  73% of users experienced no insomnia.
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30 Sep Secret Agent Society (SAS)

Acclaimed Secret Agent Society (SAS) program for children aged between 8 and 12 with social and emotional difficulties is now available through our accredited practitioner Rob Curtis. As seen in the Manning-Great Lakes FOCUS August 2016 magazine
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21 Sep New CBD Taree Office now opened

In May this year we moved into our newly appointed shop front offices in Pulteney Street. There are no stairs to worry about and with  A/C comfort, internal toilet, easy parking, disability access and close to a number of yummy coffee shops with the wonderful...

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